Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon - Resurrection Ballad

Vocal arrangement "re-release" of The Grimoire Of Alice [PCMM-0001].

Artist: Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon
Album title: Resurrection Ballad
Language: Japanese
Quality: 320k
Catalog number: PCMM-0005
Genre: Visual Kei
Release Date: 2009.12.31
My Rating: 3\5

Track List:
1. Crazy Clock Cracker
2. Romantic Children
3. WEII -World’s End Est-
4. Myth Logic Inginite
5. Breeds PuPPet
6. Mind is Love Holic
7. The Grimoire Of Alice
8. Resurrection Ballad -Meteralice-

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